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QuadReal Connect - Tenant Service Centre

On January 9th, QuadReal’s Tenant Service Centre, QuadReal Connect, transitioned to a new platform in order to provide better service to our Tenants.  The platform is more robust than the previous system and will allow us to continually enhance our tenant service program.  In the near future, all QuadReal Tenants will be able to have direct access into the system to view and monitor all work orders they have submitted. 

We encourage all feedback and will work with QuadReal Connect to ensure all Tenants are receiving the information that they require.  Kindly forward all questions or concerns to Tony Mackey, Tenant Services Manager at [email protected] 

Intact Place Winter Newsletter

Please find here the latest edition of Intact Place newsletter to view, post and read.  Feel free to email it to all staff or post on internal e-bulletin boards. This is a great forum to view what's going on with Intact Place and QuadReal Property Group.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the newsletters so please feel free to send us your suggestions.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dave Middleton, Property Manager at 403-202-7562 or at [email protected].  









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